Monday, 4 November 2013

How to grow taller the easy way!

 I finally found the answer to growing taller! Now people will finally give me the respect I deserve and will no longer look down on me like I am nothing or I am invisible!
Gain all the height you ever possibly needs easily and well honestly really brilliantly.. what am I talking about well i am talking about height increasing insoles.. If you really want to know how cool these shoe inserts really are let me simple say if you are 5ft 9 be 6ft easily! as these heel lifts WILL increase you height up to 3 inches.... be the coolest and taller around and gain everybody's respect and admiration. I wear them (my friends dont read this blog and i doubt anyone knows who i am here so I can say this) my mates have got no clue that im not 6ft really and cheating with heel lifts.. but that why they are so great. No waiting to grow taller... no being small.. just get instantly tall. Before i found out about them I was searching the internet for ways to grow taller and couldn't find any real good ways apart from wearing insoles which will give you noticeable height! People cannot even tell you are cheating with them too... as you wont have tall heels or it looks obvious that your taller because of your shoes (you can also take your shoes off and have the heel lifts in your socks to further trick your mates!) I am so pleased I found out about this method... and now im telling you all about this secret... then again I shouldn't really otherwise everyone would be wearing them which would be counter productive because everybody would be tall then... If you are still not convinced on just how good these insoles are or your looking for more ways to grow taller I guess I could always point you to a good how to grow taller guide on berkelybubble which is where I first found out about them.

Since I have been wearing them people have been saying about how much iv grown... "oo you've grown since last time I saw you"... It is really quite something!  Fools Have not the slightest clue though that I aint grown at all...

I really have to apologize for my poor English, I am french you see.. im trying to improve my English (sometimes though my English can be better than my french)

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