Monday, 4 November 2013

I really dont like policiticians

I really hate politicians but who likes them really.. You would think that with democracy we would have some great leaders but it really isn't the case in this day and age and I doubt we will ever have great leaders because always politicians will lie and cheat to get to the top...voters are simply fooled by these smiling backstabbers. The politicians will come from rich upper class families and so will only represent the elite of society... there main aim is to please the upper classes... and humoring the rest of society so they keep getting voted in. Being a politician is a easy job.. because they really dont do anything! Much of the way things run are through bog privatized companies and so politicians dont have a say what goes on and happens in these big companies.. yes they maybe able to control taxes and create laws.. but what good are these laws when big companies can pay accountants to find huge loopholes in them.. probably these loopholes are put in place by the politicians to try and help out the big company bosses who they are friends with... all makes sense to me.

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