Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter is coming..

I am quite a active person so when winter comes I am always rather upset because I can no longer play the sport I really enjoy.. and playing indoors sports means you eithier have to have a really big house or you will have to go to a leisure center and pay.. and because im poor neither of things are options. Well I guess now winter is hear I will just have to man up and take the cold like a man... i AM THINKING OF STARTING PLAYING RUGBY... Dunno why probably wont be much good because i am to light but i am fast... I am probably (i am) best at football. I can run fast and far without anyone catching me.. but saying that football kinda bores me now and the people who play football are dumb morons..... well I think so anyway... football=boring to me. If anyone has any ideas on what sports I can play which I might enjoy please tell me?.... Obviously ones where there a lot of running involved as running will keep the blood flowing keeping me warm in winter.

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